September 2021 Blog – Jersey Finger

Texas loves football! With the start of the school year comes the beginning of football season. Often fingertip injuries occur, one most often known as “jersey finger.” A jersey finger injury happens when a person’s finger is forcefully straightened when they are firmly gripping or holding something, often a jersey but can often occur in other sports such as soccer, rugby or rock climbing. The tendon which bends the tip of the finger, flexor digitorum profundis (FDP) avulses or ruptures causing the inability to flex the tip of the finger (distal interphalangeal joint or DIP).


What to do

Depending upon the severity of the avulsion or rupture, surgical treatment is most likely necessary. Once a tendon has ruptured it can retract within the tissue from where it is originally held, the severity of the retraction may require a surgeon reattach the tendon.

Following surgery, a custom orthotic device will be fabricated to immobilize the injured finger and wrist for healing of the tendon to begin. At Ascend Hand Therapy, orthosis fabrication and hand therapy treatment will address swelling, stiffness, range of motion and regaining strength.


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